Many people are at different spots in their healthy lifestyle approach. Some are committed to a current diet program, some are intrigued in learning and others are just tired of contradicting internet info. This resource is for everyone! NEXT STEP NUTRITION is a monthly subscription resource that allows you to have a certified nutrition professional at your hands, along with all the tools to stay healthy. Summit Nutrition has partnered with multiple companies to allow healthy living more affordable. The NEXT STEP NUTRITION online resource will include the following:

  • Weekly menu: Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with nutritional information included
  • Diet Macro Analysis: Find out how much you SHOULD be eating to reach your goals with recommended macros
  • "Featured Favorites": Healthy alternatives from a nutritionist when grocery shopping
  • Discounts on supplements, fitness apparel, Summit bars, meal delivery service, smoothies and more
  • "Quick Call Consultation": For $4.99 ($40 value), schedule a 20 minute consultation to get all your nutrition questions answered
  • Workout Tip of the Week: Hear from trainers on how to improve your workouts
  • $20 off Personalized meal plans

-$14.99 for 1st month
-$9.99 every month following